On arriving home from the pool Saturday Reagan said “A. is taking advantage of ‘Sam;’ he has liked her all year but she doesn’t like him. But she didn’t have any money at the pool and he went home and got $5 for her.” I was almost speechless. I found it really, really disturbing that her friend would accept money from another child. $5 to a 12 year old is a good deal of money.
If he had bought her a can of soda, out of friendship, it wouldn’t have been a big deal to me. But the fact that she used his feelings for her for her own gain…. it’s not an issue I thought I would have to deal with yet. I gave Reagan the lecture… “don’t accept money from boys, etc.” I have never thought to mention this before, but I guess the fact that she recognized that A. was “taking advantage” is a good sign.
Is this a simple mistake, a lack of good manners on her friend’s part? Or is it an indicator of her character? (Yes, right now I am picturing her as the future “Anna Nicole Smith.”)


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