Speaking to Taylor’s friend W. the other day:
“W., I see your mom around town sometimes and I hope she doesn’t think I’m rude; I just never know what to say.”
W: “Well, maybe it’s because she’s more of a “grown up” grown-up than you are?”

Funny, but it’s true. I think I get nervous around the other parents because they seem somehow more grown up than I am. They probably have 401K’s, life insurance, wills and a plan for their future; they likely don’t eat ice cream for breakfast or make jokes about testicles (What’s the difference between a snow man and a snow woman? Snow Balls!).
They likely don’t worry about the check to the PTO fundraiser bouncing or their 10 yearold car not making it to the track meet. Basically, I often feel like a 19 year old, in the body of a 35 year old woman. (Bet my husband wishes he could reverse those two).
I keep waiting for the day that I wake up feeling, magically, like an adult and not someone just pretending. (Hopefully that will happen sometime before I’m wearing adult diapers.)


2 Responses to “Poseur?”

  1. cgiselle12 Says:

    I’m 36 and still feel like I’m playing grown up.

    Personally, I don’t ever want to feel like a “grown up” like my parents were. They’re grumpy as hell.

  2. Anon E. Mouse Says:

    39 and am finally starting to feel grown up. I am being told it is “arthritis.”

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