Sheer insanity?

The recent story about the Dunlap school board member stealing batteries was really sad. Usually I take a pretty hard line about such things, for example, the Alicia Butler false resume; I found it abhorrent. But, a little part of me is feeling sorry for the poor bastard. Not that he wasn’t wrong and if he had done something “bigger” like embezzled, I guess I’d be putting it down to greed. But a $12 battery theft? It seems crazy, literally crazy, that someone would risk their reputation for such a thing. His poor family; they must be mortified.


One Response to “Sheer insanity?”

  1. diane vespa Says:

    The problem is that the batteries is just what he was caught with.
    If he is capable of stealing batteries, there are probably many other things that he has or is willing to steal that perhaps he just hasn’t been caught at yet. Needless to say, I would definately be counting my silverware if he bad been to my dinner party!

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