Teenage boys are mysterious creatures.

Yesterday my son told me this story:
“Mom, after P.E. someone stole my shoe. He put it in Devon’s locker, who was absent today, and locked it up. I couldn’t get it out and had to go to class BAREFOOT.”
Yes, my 13 year-old did not have the problem solving skills to say, maybe wear his P.E. SHOES. It’s a sad state of affairs, this village idiot I seem to be raising. Plus, the story had a couple of other glaring holes. If he knew where the shoe was, how did he not know who took it? He was also wearing the shoes as we spoke, so how did he get the “stolen” one back?

This is the same boy who once lost a snow boot at recess, continued playing, and it was never found. He has lost several fall jackets due to “getting hot at recess” and taking them off… I guess they blew away.

I am really dreading it when he gets his retainer.


4 Responses to “Teenage boys are mysterious creatures.”

  1. Pammy Says:

    You’re not really raising a village idiot. (I hadda laugh at that) It’s a funny thing called “hormones”. Makes ’em plumb crazy. Once the levels even out…sometime around age 37…he’ll be fine. hehe

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