Long ago I did a research paper about left-handedness; I was interested in the topic mainly because both of my kids are lefties and my husband and I are not. (Please no “was the mailman lefthanded?” cracks.)
One of the prominent theories is that left handedness is basically a form of brain damage, usually caused by a difficult delivery and that people are genetically right handed. Thus I can lovingly call my kids “freaks of nature.” (You should hear what I call their father, when he gets home from his mail route… oh, I mean sales job.)
Today on yahoo I saw this lovely study about left handed women:

“When left-handed women were compared with the other women, and the data were adjusted for a number of potentially confounding factors, lefties had a 40 percent higher risk of dying from any cause, a 70 percent higher risk of dying from cancer, and a 30 percent higher risk of dying from diseases of the circulatory system.

Left-handed women also had a 2-fold increased risk of dying from breast cancer, close to a 5-fold increased risk of dying from colorectal cancer, and more than a 3-fold higher risk of cerebrovascular mortality.”

Wow, I must say I am floored. I had read a previous study linking left-handedness to earlier death, usually due to higher rates of deaths due to accidents, but this one really astounds me, how is left-handedness (something we think of as being more of an action than a condition) related to higher rates of so many diseases? My mind is not wrapping around this well at all…

The whole article from yahoo can be found here:


7 Responses to “Lefties”

  1. Patricia Turner Says:

    I am lefthanded and my aunt was lefthanded she llived to be 84 years old. She never went to the doctor and never took any medicines. Maybe that’s the problem is all of this medicine that we are given by the doctors.

  2. Lisa Smith Says:

    What a bunch of baloney!!!!

  3. Melissa Walker Says:

    I was shocked to read about lefthanded women living shorter lives. My mother was 61 when she passed away from an anuerism to the brain!

  4. Nikki Says:

    I have to agree..this is a bunch of garbage. I am left-handed and quite frankly I am tired of reading and hearing such trash! Braindamaged? wow..
    that is insane. If anything..we are very unique..think about it..we literally adapt in a world that mainly accomodates right-handed individuals. I’d like to see right-handers adapt in a left-handed world…*yeah right*

  5. Kimberly Says:

    My daughter is left handed and I was told it was because she was born c-section and never experienced oxygen deprivation going thru the Birth Canal and I believe it was John Hopkins University that did a study on that and reported the same findings I was told in relation to c-sections. I also read somewhere that lefties have higher brain function so maybe the rest of us have a disorder!

  6. jenjw4 Says:

    Another study I read about lefties, if they recieve a brain injury they often recuperate better, gain back better functioning, due to better connections between the two sides of the brain.
    Also, did you see the show on National Geographic, I think, about babies in the womb? They mention “vanishing twin” syndrome as being a possible cause of lefties. That really freaks me out, though.

  7. fe5adfcc33d9 Says:



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