Election April ’07

I voted yesterday.  Mainly because I feel it is my civic duty, but also to withhold my vote from a certain person.  Earlier this year I was asked to sign a petition for a woman who was interested in running for the village board.  I signed it, not sure if I would vote for the person, but willing to give her the opportunity to run.  A member of the board came to my workplace and questioned me about my signature with the subtext of the conversation being “how dare you help someone run against me”.  The board member went to court and was able to get enough signatures thrown out to prevent person A from running.  The whole thing felt really sleazy, thus when I went to the polls yesterday and was directed to “select 3” out of the three people running I chose two, a subtle message to the person who really didn’t want any competition.
Note: the pushy lady ended up with 16 votes less than the other people running! So she obviously ticked off at least 15 other people.


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