tic-tac-toe, poop in the vent

 My kids were five and six when we bought our house and we had the extended family over to see it.  The adults were eating and inspecting the closets while the kids played in Reagan’s room.  After a while I went to check on them.  The room smelled strangely like doody.  When asked about the smell,  the good actors looked angelic, the bad actors looked shifty.  Finally, Reagan spoke up and said “Mommy, we were playing tic-tac-toe and we decided that whoever won got to poop in the vent.”  “Got to” as in “I got to go on a vacation last week,” not “got to” as in “had to”…. this was the PRIZE! With the winner being my son Taylor, who, by the way, is still a great tic-tac-toe player.

This is not Taylor’s only “defecating in unfortunate places” story and will someday make a great humorous wedding toast… oh, but how to connect it to marriage? “Taylor is like the X and ______ is his perfect O, together they make a fabulous game of tic-tac-toe… I’m sure they’ll both win, and if they do, the prize will be a chance to poo?”  Hmmm… I’ll have to keep working on it.


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  1. _coaxke_ Says:

    I think that people should communicate, no matter where they do it – in real life or in Internet.

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