Food (?)

My kids are having friends over this weekend.  This always poses a bit of a food quandry for me. My kids’ friends seem only to like food that comes from a box: chicken nuggets, fish sticks, frozen pizza, oreos.  I might decide to make chicken with noodles (homemade) and I hear a chorus of “ugh… what’s that?”.  Yep, they are picky and a bit rude, too!  Disheartening after having cooked and cooled a whole chicken, picked the meat off the bones, mixed flour, water, salt, and eggs, to make the noodles, stood over a hot pot of boiling water to cook them, and made the gravy. (After this long process one boy said “it’s okay, but my mom makes this kind that comes in a blue can, and it’s way better”) 

They remind of the cashiers at walmart, asking “what is this?” for each produce item they ring up. 

It makes me think “what the hell?”  Does no one cook anymore?


3 Responses to “Food (?)”

  1. Angie Says:

    I just made chicken and noodles for the first time. How exhausting-but well worth it. It’s funny how much you appreciate a home cooked meal as you age. I vow that if I have children, they will never even get to try chicken fingers, ranch dressing or fish sticks. Well, maybe fish sticks. They are a right of passage, right?

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    I’m beginning to think kids’ taste buds have gotten so accustomed to high salt, processed tasting food, that maybe “real food” doesn’t taste as good to them.
    But I must admit I sometimes do crave the whole “fish sticks, mac and cheese, green beans” combo.

  3. bitingtraveler Says:

    Well it sounds like they need some help with manners and eating correctly, I am currently writing my first cookbook and have done a lot of research their behaviors may be caused by their bad diet. Good work Mom!! I’m sure it was good.

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