I hope this is a question all parents have pondered.

At work, the phone rings.

Reagan:  “Mom!  Taylor just changed the TV channel and he called me stupid”

Me:  “Reagan, put your brother on the phone”

Taylor comes to the phone.

Me: “Tay.  Watch TV in another room… wait, are you chores done?  Is your homework done?  Apologize to your sister,” etc…..

Taylor:  “She changed the channel first and she called me a jerk.”

Reagan grabs the phone. 

Reagan:  “Mom, is that all you’re going to do to him?  He called me stupid; he changed the channel!”

Repeat, at least once per day. 

Am I raising assholes?  Or even worse, dumbass assholes? 

(BTW: Our house has 3 TV’s and a rule against name calling… and one new rule, only call mommy at work if there is visibly gushing/spurting blood or fire)


2 Responses to “I hope this is a question all parents have pondered.”

  1. PeoriaIllinoisan Says:

    Did you break into the secret video feed of my living room?

  2. tavo Says:

    I thought this kind of thing was a product of our mindful choice of one TV, no cable. Good to see it’s more likely a product of >1 kid. Period.

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