Memphis, TN travel advice

Hi. We are thinking of going to Memphis, TN for a couple of days during Easter break.  Any advice on hotels, travelling, and worthwhile or overrated tourist attractions? Thanks, Jennifer


3 Responses to “Memphis, TN travel advice”

  1. Pammy Says:

    I’ve only been there once and that was over 20 years ago. Graceland was kind of impressive, but mostly ho hum. I’m not an Elvis fan, anyway.

    Beale (sp?) Street is awesome if you like blues/jazz, but it’s more fun at night…and probably not a good thing if you’ve got little kids.

    I do highly recommend eating at least one meal at The Rendezvous. The food is awesome (if you like BBQ) and the atmosphere can’t be beat.

  2. Pammy Says:

    Here’s the link for The Rendezvous.

  3. jenjw4 Says:

    Thanks so much The Rendezvous looks so good. I was hoping to take the kids someplace like that for lunch one day.
    My neighbors travel a lot and they recommended Beale Street, too, and seeing the ducks at the Peabody hotel.
    I’m still on the fence about Graceland; not an Elvis fan, either. So I think that will depend on timing and if there’s a line.
    We haven’t been on vacation since 2 Easters ago, so I am really excited.

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