List living vs. sunshine and sunny spirits

In February my life fell into “List living mode,” in which life becomes about completing one thing so I can move onto the next, very important task. 

Thaw out meat.  Peel potatoes. Put laundry in the washer.  Fold laundry in the dryer.  Quiz daughter, prepositions (that list becomes a meaningless tongue twister quite rapidly… “concerning, down, during,”) Cut up fruit for dinner.  Pee. Wash hands. Check on dinner.  Check laundry.  Check daughter, rinse, repeat, reuse, recycle….

 It’s not the monotony of the list.  On normal days I take joy in a lovely, perfectly peeled potato. Joy, in my daughter “teaching” me about prepositions and coming up with wacky prepositional phrases.  But when life just becomes about completing one task so as to move to the next, with no joy, it’s tedious. 

Luckily the sunshine woke me up.  The brightness of the rays, the briskness of the wind, the sound of birds chirping brought out a deep sense of satisfaction and joy. 

I hope everyone else is feeling the same way.


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