Reagan is writing a comparative paper.  She has
decided to compare Toyota’s with BMW’s.  She is such her father’s daughter.  I worry the topic is a bit
broad but I am letting Chris help her.  6th grade
writing drives me crazy.  I am a perfectionist and a
not sure what is considered well written for a twelve
year old.  Luckily Reagan writes better than Taylor.
He hates to write.  In 6th grade he wrote a persuasive
essay about school uniforms.  He was against the idea
and his main points were:
1.  They are dumb.
2.  The teachers won’t be able to tell the students
3.  You would have to wash them.  (Vs. regular
clothes?  going unwashed?)
  When I read the essay it was hard not to laugh, but
I was also disappointed because he had put so little
thought into the paper. 


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