bad people

First, I’m still in shock that Knight in Dragonland received a threatening letter.  All because of comments about local politics. 

On a much smaller scale of baddness the following happened to me yesterday at Kroger’s on Sterling.

Approaching my car carrying 3 stuffed plastic bags of groceries I see the man parked next to me put his last bag in his trunk.  He proceded to let go of his cart, yes, just let it go rolling away, towards the bumper of my car and a minivan in the next spot.  I pick up my pace, grab the cart (before it dings the minivan) and haul it to the cart corral, furious the whole way.  How inconsiderate.  I hope the man was deeply ashamed when he drove by me.  (BTW, he was able-bodied, my age and the weather outside was lovely.)  But, I really doubt that he was. 

Enough griping.  Sunday was a beautiful day and everyone I spoke to was really pleasant and cheerful. 


2 Responses to “bad people”

  1. Pammy Says:

    The shopping cart thing is my pet peeve. I’m about the laziest person I know, but I always push my cart into the corral after I’m done with it.

  2. ben Says:

    I\’m with you on this one. That Kroger is the worst, too. I really liked the convenience of living in that part of town, but I\’m not too sad to be away from my then-neighbors.

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