Yesterday my office was amongst the many businesses (no, they weren’t all bars despite the Journal Star article) that were broken into Sunday night. 

I arrived at work at 8 am to find the front door open.  Stupidly, I walked right in and started looking around; the front door had been jimmied (cop talk via L & O, of course); drawers were opened; it was freezing, but nothing appeared to be missing.  It was quite bizarre.  I called my boss and told her “I think we have been burgled.”  She told me to call the police and she would be in soon. Shortly afterwards our landlord pulled up  to his business next door.  I ran over and told him the situation; his restaurant had been robbed, too. The arcade games were missing their quarters; his “first dollar” plaque was smashed, resulting in a bifurcated, unspendable dollar bill and the fridge was left open. 

The police officer arrived.  She was very nice and professional.  Later crime scene guys came and took a picture of our door, including a previously unnoticed (by me) footprint on our door. It hadn’t been jimmied, merely forced open, resulting in a broken knob and lock. 

The strangest thing is that they walked right by all of our office equipment; they didn’t steal our petty cash or make a mess. 

The police told us they had already caught the thieves.  They were shown on the news last night; four boys eighteen or nineteen years old.  I keep trying to picture them walking through our office, touching our stuff.  It’s hard to imagine.

What is even harder to imagine is how they got started robbing businesses.  How did four people manage to come to an agreement to do something so wrong?  Did one say “Let’s risk our futures and steal other people’s hard earned money?” and all the rest said “sure, how about tonight?” 


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