Okey dokey Smokey

George W. was in Peoria earlier this week. He ate at the Sterling Faily Restaurant and visited CAT. ChuckE Cheese came out of his restaurant to wave at the motorcade. 

I have actually worn one of those large, furry costumes.  In high school I volunteered to be Smokey the Bear at the HOI fair.  My job was to pass out fire safety brochures.  It was hot out that day.  The internal fan was broken; but the worse thing was the hecklers.  One in particular, an “older man” (he was probably upper 20’s or early 30’s but seemed old to me)  followed me around saying things like “Hey Smokey, there’s a fire…. in my pants!” 


One Response to “Okey dokey Smokey”

  1. Pammy Says:

    Hehehe…too bad there wasn’t a fire hose handy. You could have put out his fire.

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