Braces + tooth extractions

The orthodontist’s office called yesterday.  Reagan will need to have four teeth extracted after she gets the brackets on for her braces. 

My daughter is not fond of going to the dentist. Furthermore, when the orthodontist mentioned possible extractions at our last visit Reagan was really upset by the idea.  Unfortunately our choices are limited.  She can not have them pulled, not have braces and have a huge overbite and misaligned teeth (forever) or have the teeth pulled and braces. 

I think the braces are a must, thus the extractions will be happening.  So now comes the big question:

When do we tell Reagan? 

I usually err on the side of honesty but think that maybe we should wait and tell her shortly before the appointment.  Maybe a day or so beforehand. Otherwise I think she will get completely stressed out and be very upset for the whole month.  Nevertheless, if she asks I think I will feel compelled to tell the truth. 

It’s so difficult and I really feel for her.  I am majorly stressing about this; way more worried about her being upset, than about the procedure. 

I am going to call the oral surgeon beforehand and discuss her serious anxiety.  Hopefully they can just put her out, even though general anesthesia is more risky than local.



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