L & O

I love Law and Order and have been watching it for years.  In fact, when my daughter was in preschool and they did a “facts about your family” kind of paper she responded to “My mommy likes ________”  with “to watch Law and Order.”  It was a little embarrassing.

My son Taylor is now a Law and Order convert, too. Which I use as a learning tool to dispense motherly advice like:

Tay, don’t ever kill your wife and bury her in the back yard.  It’s the first place the police will look.

Tay, if you get arrested, Say Nothing!  Ask for a lawyer!  But don’t talk, no matter how they try to wriggle their way into your mind to provoke a response (like Goren and Eams).

Tay, if you hit a pedestrian, even in a bad neighborhood, stop and help.

Tay, don’t kidnap a kid and then use a homeless guy as a mule for the ransom, I mean they are totally undependable.

Tay’s response to my sound advice is an eyeroll, a sigh, and an “okay, mom.” 






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