Friday night Tay and I were watching Monk.  TV is actually a good time with Tay; he’ll talk to you more during commercials than the whole rest of the day combined.

Tay:  Have you ever heard of Beaver Fever?

Me: (wondering when he saw a Penthouse/Playboy)…..  um, no…….

Tay:  It’s a disease that makes you poop out your intestines.  (laughs hysterically and spends the rest of the night asking people “do you have beaver fever?”)

My big 13-year old boy. We see glimpses of the man he will be and the little boy he was not long ago.  It’s a happy and sad time all at once. 


Edited to add:  Today I was telling Marysue about “beaverfever” and she looked it up online.  It is giardia, a parasite that Tay once actually had.  I can’t wait to see him and tell him he actually had beaver fever once, in 2nd or 3rd grade. 




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