Washington DC trip, part 3

The flight was fine, a little turbulent, but not bad. 

Washington DC was grey and rainy.  Our charter bus was waiting and we headed to the Reagan building for lunch. It was the first of many food court meals.  The boys mainly ate nachos, pizza or chinese. We tried some gelato, yummy, and then headed out to Arlington Cemetary.

Still raining

Taylor had been picked to help lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  He was really excited about this and looked very handsome (as did the other 3 boys) in “dress” everything-shoes, shirt, slacks.

The linear white rows of tombstones were a visual spectacle that is hard to put into words.  Imaging each as the life of a young man who died an unfortunate, early death and the family that surely missed him was quite sobering.  The rain, though cold and bothersome, seemed somehow appropriate.

 The soldiers at the tomb looked unbelievably young, somber, erect and disciplined. The boys in the ceremony did fabulously well. 

After the ceremony we saw the burial sites of JFK and RFK. 



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