I like to think that I am a naturally happy person.  I usually have a good attitude and am pretty upbeat. 

However, lately I am feeling pretty despondent.  I believe due to my husband being so stressed/depressed/angry, etc…

I feel like I am walking on eggshells all the time.  If I say anything it turns out to be the wrong thing and pisses him off.  It is really wearing on me emotionally, making me question myself and really, at this point I almost dread my husband coming home from work.  The whole atmosphere in the house changes when he walks in the door.  The kids have even picked up on it.  Rea responds by being extra nice to him; Tay alternates between avoiding him and being sweet.  I am glad the kids are empathetic, but on the other hand, feel they shouldn’t be carrying the burden of their dad’s problems.

On the plus side, Chris has made a doctor’s appointment for a check-up.  I don’t know if it will do any good; I really think he might need an anti-depressant but I doubt he will really open up with the doctor, oh, and he already said he wouldn’t take medication anyway.  I think he has a macho “there’s nothing wrong with me” attitude about it.  I think he’s offended that I even suggested it.  It’s not that I doubt his employer treats him (and everyone else) poorly; it’s just that he also seems unhappy in general and it seems to be a cyclical thing.


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