My daughter made a basket at her game this weekend.  It was incredibly exciting.  My kids, luckily for them (ha, ha) seem to have inherited my great sports skills.  Basically anytime they actually touch the ball during a game it’s a victory. 

My husband might be leaving work early today and bringing my brother-in-law, Walt.  I don’t think I have written much about Walt, so a few quick facts:

1. Many years ago he lived with us for awhile. He rapidly drove me friggin’ (as the kids would say) nuts as he sat in my kitchen and watched MASH 24/7 instead of looking for a job. 

2.  At one point he borrowed money from my 7 year old for cigarettes.  (Yep, and he didn’t pay it back.)

3.  Eventually we made him leave; but not until after he had stolen money from us. 

4. At which point he spent some time living at the car wash in our small town. 

5. He doesn’t seem to realize that any (all) of his problems are rooted in bad decisions he has made. Furthermore, he trivializes other people’s success as being due to good luck, not due to hard work/effort.


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