yep, still worrying

My husband is still feeling really anxious about work.  He was up to 3 am worrying about work stuff, thinking of all he has to do, etc. 

He is off on Fridays and called me (I’m at work) and said he is thinking he should leave his current employer and get a job somewhere else. 

My thoughts on this:

1.  It seems like everytime we get into some routine, have some stability, something happens.  I hate this because I crave stability.  As previously mentioned, I like things to stay the same. 

2.  We have zero savings and any job change, especially in a commission-only work place, results in a lag in earnings.  We really can’t afford to get behind on anything, especially with Reagan’s big braces down payment coming up.

3.  He has pretty good hours and made a decent amount of money this last year. 

4.  But he currently is miserable. Will this pass?  I don’t know. The owner is a huge, immoral jerk, who rips people off all the time and I don’t see that changing.

5. He might go somewhere else and make more money, and even more importantly, be treated better.


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