We had a very nice New Year’s Eve.  Marysue and family came over, as did Laura and Craig.  I made beef brisket and a great New York style cheesecake.

This week has been interesting because I had jury duty. Oh, did I say interesting?  That should read mind-numbingly boring.  Oh, and it also reaffirmed my beleif that I attract all the crazies.  Maybe it’s the fact that I make eye contact with people and say “hi.”  Gestures that shouldn’t cause stalker-like devotion from the nut-cases, but seems to. 

My main worry now is my husband.  He is just feeling really unappreciated at his work and is seriously thinking of leaving.  To do what, or to work where?  Hmmm… that is unknown.  I hate this kind of stress.  I hate change, other than, of course, an upward swing in income!   So I am worrying.  Worrying that the stress will cause him to have a nervous breakdown or heart attack.  Worrying that he will finally get PO-ed enough to just walk out.  Worrying that we will end up destitute, on the mean streets of Princeville.              


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