Teenager-y teenagerness

My son Taylor turned 13 on Thanksgiving.  And, like magic, he has suddenly become a teenager.  Not just in age, but appearance and attitude. 

For example, Taylor has never cared about clothing.  Other than comfort, that is.  He spent the first 12 years of his life only wearing windpants, t-shirts and special “blue bottom” socks that he pulled up to his knees.  In the summer the windpants were exchanged for basketball shorts but the rest of the outfit stayed the same, even the socks, which he would wear with sandals and would have to be continuously pulled up to stay at the “Taylor approved” to the knee look. 

In 6th grade he became a little more savvy and traded in the wind pants for an occasional pair of jeans and started wearing shorter socks. 

Since his birthday, though, he has sought out new clothing.  New, cool, look-like-they’re-20-years-old, holey, splotchy jeans.  T-shirts with a layered look and hoody’s. 

But Saturday, Saturday was the day the teenager-y teenagerness really became apparent.  We went to Wal-mart and he walked around by himself and came back with the two items he had purchased – Altoids and Axe.

What screams teenage boy more than breath mints and body spray? 


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