lazy is as lazy does?

I thought of a number of suitable reasons for my writing negligence, illness, company, housecleaning, shopping, extra-curricular activities, etc.  But it really all comes down to laziness, oh, and lack of imagination. 

We have had a weird stomach ache/headache/sore throat thing going on in our household, but not bad enough to really sideline anyone.

This was my husbands first time planning one of the kids’ parties.  I tried to give him some advice (I’ve done 2 of these a year for, oh, the last 7-8 years) but he said “it’s not that complicated, it’s a birthday party. I’ve handled much more complicated events, etcc…..”  Here’s just a brief run-down of how it went:

1. Drunk brother-in-law shows up at In-play with his two homeless friends in tow.

2. The boys (obviously not spending the night) were not told to bring their stuff (we picked them up from school, so their bookbags were at our house) so when (oh, honey, you take the boys home; I’ll take the girls back to our house) I went to drop the first one off at home (who lives 25 min from our house) he didn’t have his stuff and we had to turn around.

3. All the regular plates, forks and cups were used to feed the kids cake and snacks in the evening.  Left unwashed, all around the house  for me to gather and wash before feeding the girls breakfast.

4. Speaking of breakfast.  No breakfast foods were purchased.  We had no milk, no juice, no pancake mix, no donuts, etc…  I had a choice, (Chris was at work Sat. morn) either leave the kids home by themselves and go to the store or scrounge something up at home. 

5. When talking to the parents to arrange the party my husband had not specified a time for them to go home.  Ugh!  I always arrange an early pick-up time; 15 + hours of numerous small children is usually enough!

It was more work for me to have my husband plan the party (poorly) than if I had planned it myself.

Okay, enough bitching.  The kids had a good time, which was the important part.  They were cute climbing the rock climbing wall and enjoyed the video games.

The girls only had one fight in which one girl told the other “the truth”…  hmmmmm, about what? None of them would tell me.



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