Last night I met my good friend Katrina in Peoria; the plan was to attend a cooking class at a college extension ofice.  I arrived late (surprise!) and upon a bit of reflection Katrina and I decided to go shopping instead.  Because, you know, we wouldn’t want to interrupt a cooking lesson, it was really a decision made out of good etiquette, not a desire to shop. 

We went to the “old mall” (yes, vs. the “new mall” which I refuse to call the “Shoppes at Grande Prarie” because I hate those kinds of names, plus it’s just too damn long). Has anyone been in that crazy Hollister store?  One, okay, I’m an idiot and tried to enter one of the fake doors.  Two, it’s dark and cluttered.  Three, why would anyone pay that much for a tank top, hooded sweatshirt or the like?

Today is a day full of minor annoyances.  My husband wants to lease a new car because his (paid-off) car needs new brakes and a new windshield. We argued about this because we have little in savings (okay, that is an exageration-we have NO savings), one kid in braces, one about to get them, and oh, yeah, NO SAVINGS!  Plus, to me a car is to take one from point a to b.  It doesn’t have to be pretty or new; it just has to start when the key is turned.  Obviously to my husband it means a lot more.  Oh, back to minor annoyances, my copier jammed 5 times in the printing of 5 items and with much more to copy I am getting nervous. Additionally, my word perfect program keeps freezing up and requiring a restart of my computer.  And  I was grumpy to my kids for the second morning in a row.


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