I finally spoke to my mom today, well kind of, via email.  She said she has been really unhappy for a really long time and gets really depressed about her relationship with my dad and that she has stayed with him for so long due to the many traumatic things that  have happened to our family over the years…. I guess it just never seemed like the “right” time.  I think I understand things better now. 

My being upset mainly had to do with my hatred of change.  While this is a difficult time I do feel like everything will be okay in the end.

My son was sick (again) yesterday.  He has now puked on our down comforter, bathroom floor (x3), bedroom floor (x2),  and my feet (once now and once in the past). Upon waking up nauseous my son’s first reaction isn’t to go to the bathroom nearest his room, but to come into our room and upchuck on the nearest surface, be it the carpet or my feet. 

However, there is one benefit to his being ill; unlike most kids (i.e. our daugther) who are whine-y, grumpy and miserable, for some reason he is sweet, apologetic and super-cuddley when sick. It’s like I have my sweet 3 year old back for the day, instead of my increasing mute and surly 13 year-old.


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